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Best Washable Bed Pad M007 - MEDORIS
Deep Details Washable Bed Pad M007 - MEDORIS
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Continence and Bed Protection: Washable Bed Pad - M007

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At Medoris Care, our aim is to help you to care with confidence. This is especially true when it comes to managing incontinence and the uncomfortable moments that it can cause for some.

That's why, we offer a wide range of continence and bed protection products that help improve personal care in the most dignified way possible.

Take a look at our simple, yet effective, Washable Bed Pad.

Product Description:

Triple Protection

Designed by a care professional with a wealth of practical experience, the Washable Bed Pad offers triple protection.

Firstly, the soft top layer prevents the pooling of liquid, so it leaves the surface dry to the touch. This ensures that the user remains comfortable in bed, while avoiding any infection that may occur from prolonged sitting on wet bedding.

Secondly, the middle layer, with its generous cotton padding, is highly absorbent which provides excellent fluid retention, as well as reducing any unpleasant odours.

Lastly, the bottom layer is waterproof and does not crack, which prevents leaking even when under pressure. Not only does this offer greater peace of mind, but it gives complete confidence that the bedding will remain protected, both day and night.

Additional Security

The pad also extends the full width of a single bed and has strong, generous tuck-in wings. These secure the pad in place and protect the sides of both the bedding and mattress. Particularly helpful for those who suffer from leaks while perched on the side of their beds.

Easy Care

It can withstand high temperature washing and tumble drying. The clever material composition stops any shrinkage and rucking, making it consistently comfortable to sleep on.

What's more, it's been designed to last, so it can be used continually on top of regular bedding, cutting down on washing and giving more time for other areas of care.

We hope that something as simple as a washable bed pad helps make a huge difference to dignity and daily living.


  • Triple protection, washable bed pad.
  • Soft top layer prevents pooling of liquid.
  • Padded mid layer absorbs liquid.
  • Waterproof bottom layer protects bedding.
  • Fits the full width of a single bed.
  • Additional tuck-in wings holds it securely to the mattress.
  • Can be washed at high temperatures and tumbled dried.