Specialist Products From MEDORIS

Pressure care is an ever increasing medical area, mainly due to people living longer and therefore needing this type of product more often.

Medoris know and understand the difficulties faced by both carers and sufferers, which is why they have developed a range of products that really do make a difference.

Selected Pressure Care Products:

  • Leg And Arm Ramp - The ramp supports limbs which need to be raised and for exceptional height two can be used the on lap of each other. 
  • Medoris Pillow - Softer and more comfortable than a conventional pillow, with one side offering a cool touch and one offering a warm touch.
  • Wheelchair seat cushion - The cushion is designed to be more comfortable for longer period when using a Wheelchair. 

Medoris produce a sound range of practical products for the elderly and disabled to improve the quality of life in residential and nursing care homes and to extend that range into the individual’s home.

Medoris products are used every day by thousands of people in care homes, hospitals and of course at home, with Medoris proud to be a leading supplier to a range of care home groups and hospitals throughout the United Kingdom.

To find out more about any of the products that Medoris manufacturer and sell, check out their website or give their care team a ring on 0333 207 9515.