Our range of adaptive clothing products is specifically designed to assist caregivers in their daily tasks.

  • The functional nature of our garments makes them suitable for a diverse array of customers.
  • This includes individuals with disabilities who require short or long-term care in either a home or hospital environment.
  • Our products are also well-suited for individuals with delicate skin, such as those affected by diseases that may cause a decline in motor skills or restricted mobility.
  • Care professionals who are in need of safer and simpler dressing methods for their patients, to prevent issues such as bruising, skin tears, and work-related injuries, can rely on our products.
  • In addition to catering to the needs of care professionals, our garments are also an excellent choice for families wishing to give their loved ones a practical and aesthetically pleasing gift.


Getting the right size is essential. We would like to help you choose the best size. Please use our size guideline .

Adaptive Cardigan /Poncho /jacket /fleece

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