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Quilted Cover for 60x60cm Incontinence Pad - M008

Quilted Cover for 60x60cm Incontinence Pad - M008

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At Medoris Care, our aim is to offer practical products that help every day be a better day. This is especially true when it comes to managing incontinence and the uncomfortable moments that it can cause for some.

That's why, we offer a wide range of continence and bed protection aids that help improve personal care in the most dignified way possible.

Product Description:

Take a look at our clever and unique Quilted Incontinence Pad Cover that is supplied by us on its own or together with our 60cm x 60cm incontinence pad. This discreet cover has been designed by a care professional with a wealth of practical experience.

It's a seat protector with a bed pad discreetly placed inside an attractive cover, so it looks more like a large cushion than an incontinence pad. 

Being bigger than most seat pads means it protects a broader area against any accidents. Furthermore, its triple layer design offers triple protection.

Triple Protection

The incontinent 60cm x 60cm bed pad insert provides triple protection. 

Firstly, the soft top layer prevents the pooling of liquid, so it leaves the surface dry to the touch. Helpful for those who stay seated for long periods of time.

Secondly, the middle layer, with its generous cotton padding, is highly absorbent which provides excellent fluid retention, as well as reducing any unpleasant odors.

Lastly, the bottom layer is waterproof and does not crack, which prevents leaking even when under pressure. Not only does this offer greater peace of mind, but it gives complete confidence, both day and night.

For more details about the 60cm x 60cm bed pad, please click this link

Attractive Cover 

Designed to look more like a stylish cushion cover, it’s actually a clever incontinence cover. With its soft and low profile, it holds the bed pad fitting neatly on any chair, seat or sofa, as well as on any junior bed or cot. It’s a simple and sympathetic product that helps make every user feel more confident.

For adults, they will feel less self-conscious when sitting with family and friends, or out and about, in restaurants and cars. For children, they too can relax and sleep easy, knowing that they have extra protection against any unexpected accidents or leakages, day or night.

Easy Care

It can also withstand high temperature washing and tumble drying. The clever material composition stops any shrinkage or rucking, making it consistently comfortable to sit on.

What's more, it's been designed to last, so it can be used continually, cutting down on laundry and upholstery cleaning.

We hope that our clever duo chair protector helps with dignity and discretion, all day, every day.


  • Large seat pad with discreet cover for either a chair or bed. 
  • Attractive cover makes it look more like a cushion than an incontinence pad.
  • Comes in two colors raspberry and blue.  
  • Offers added discretion for those who are self-conscious.
  • Removes self-consciousness and promotes self-confidence.
  • Both cover and pad inserts can be washed at high temperatures and tumbled dried.
  • Holds 60 cm x 60 cm incontinence pad inside cover featuring: Triple protection  for confident continence care. Soft top layer prevents pooling of liquid. Padded mid layer absorbs liquid. Waterproof bottom layer for peace of mind. 
  • Replacement covers available.
  • For replacement 60cm x 60cm pads see M007 
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