How MEDORIS can help with Positioning Discomfort ?

The experience of carers, physios and occupational therapists is essential in foreseeing the possibility of ulcer development and pain from discomfort in positioning and pressure care. As a designer and producer of soft micro-bead pressure care products MEDORIS has listed eleven recent issues and the ways they can be alleviated.

  1. Fingers closing towards the palm which are painful to lift up for exercise. Try the handgrip M063 or, if more severe, the palm protector/handgrip M113.
  2. The hand is closed into a fist and the nails are cutting into the palm or the skin between fingers is deteriorating. Try the palm protector/hand grip M113 or palm protector/finger separator M112.
  3. Two skin surfaces become pink through touching each other. Try the limb protector M182 or knee separator M101.
  4. Arm dropping to side after a stroke. Try the lap cushion M134 which can reach up to the armpit and across tummy.
  5. Falling out of bed. Try a roll pillow M096 under the bottom sheet, if necessary on both sides.
  6. In a raised side bed a hand can become trapped between the mattress and the raised side. A roll pillow placed down that side will prevent this.
  7. With a profiling bed brain injured patients may still thresh their legs and widely available “hardish” cot bumpers are not soft enough to protect against leg damage. Our cot-side bumper plus M221 can prevent this.
  8. With traditional wheelchairs feet do not always reach the footrests. Our footrest cushion M102 can fill this gap and be soft and comfortable for painful feet.
  9. A leg ramp can be used as an arm support M062 and a 16-chamber cushion M057 can be folded over to give twice the leg ramp height.
  10. Where the chin rests on the chest there is an alternative to the traditional horseshoe with a soft adjustable chin support M199.
  11. Head(neck) support may be better with the raised sides of a ‘dogbone’ shape M195 than a conventional pillow, particularly in a recliner.