Exempt from VAT....?

The zero-rating of goods and services for a disabled person depends in part upon the status of the individual.

In order to qualify for VAT Exemption, an eligible person must be 'chronically sick' or 'disabled'.

Chronically sick means that you / they have an illness that is likely to last a long time e.g. arthritis, diabetes, angina, dementia, MS and stroke.

Disabled means that you / they are substantially and permanently handicapped by illness or injury.

Purchasing VAT Exempt products on our website

If you or the product user you are purchasing the item(s) for are entitled to NOT PAY VAT then please follow the instructions below when entering the personal details at Checkout 

At the beginning of Step 2: Billing Details there are two VAT Exempt options

Personal VAT Exempt or Charity VAT Exempt

Personal VAT Exempt Option

Please select this option if you are purchasing products for your own use or you are an individual or company purchasing products on behalf of a person entitled to VAT Exemption

Please ensure you provide the name of the disability that entitles you or the person you are purchasing for to receive VAT Exemption

If you are purchasing products on behalf of another individual please ensure you enter your full name in the field provided

Charity VAT Exempt Option

If you are a charity purchasing products on behalf of an individual please select the Charity VAT Exempt option where in addition to being asked for the disability of the individual and the full name of the purchaser you will also be asked for the full name of the charity and the charity number

Please note that you will still be charged VAT on the shipping element of you purchase

Thank you

If you have any doubts as to whether you qualify for VAT Exemption or require further information with regard to VAT Exemption please contact your local Customs office or call the National Advice Service on 0845 302 02 03.

Alternatively call us on 0333 207 9515 or email us sales@medoris.co.uk