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Open Back Adaptive Blouse M043/ Style 0020

Open Back Adaptive Blouse M043/ Style 0020

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Getting dressed can be stressful and sometimes impossible for people with chronic conditions, disabilities, injuries or reduced mobility, that is why we designed our adaptive top that opens completely with poppers to make dressing easier.

Our lightweight adaptive blouse is designed with fashion and comfort in mind and it is both functional and stylish.

Product Description:


Soft and lightweight, it can be slipped on and off easily by the carer with minimal disturbance or discomfort for the wearer. With its completely opening back, it is easy to put on and attach the poppers on each shoulder without raising your arms.

The fabric closes on one another to cover the whole back providing comfort and dignity. It gives full coverage for the wearer and looks like a traditional top at first glance.

Additionally, the fuller arm design means it can be removed without too much bending of the arms or lifting them above the head. A huge benefit for the elderly or those suffering from restrictive conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Stroke or Multiple Sclerosis.


This top is made from a blend of soft polyester and spandex light fabric designed to keep you comfortable. Featuring a popular choice of leopard print complimented by a beautiful black rounded flat collar.

What’s more, it is cut to a fashionable and manageable length, which makes it suitable for wheelchair users and those confined to a sitting position or in bed. The naturally stretchy fabric is perfect for non-restrictive movement, easy wash and quick dry.

At Medoris Care, we pride ourselves on producing award-winning practical products for the elderly, disabled and those with specialist needs. Our aim is to continually improve their quality of life so that they can feel happy and comfortable.

We hope that this Adaptive Blouse could be the perfect gift for a loved one or a cosy gift for yourself.


  •  Fashionable Adaptive Blouse that looks like a traditional top. 
  •  Opens fully. Can be put on and off without bending of the arms.
  •  Maintains dignity: Ful back overlap.
  •  Easy closure: Thoughtfully designed poppers at each shoulder to eliminate   pressure points. 
  •  Suitable for restrictive conditions
  •  Assistance with dressing is required.
  •  Designed and made in the UK.
  •  Blend of Polyester and Spandex fabric - Naturally stretchy for non-restrictive   movement.
  •  Easy wash and tumble dry, or quick air dry -  no need to iron. Perfect for nursing or care homes. 

Who is it for:    Women 

Needs:   Bed Bound Individuals, Disability Clothing, Assisted Dressing, Assisted Living, Adaptive, Disabled, Elderly, Older Person, Paralysis, Nursing Home, Care Home, Wheel Chair Users, Stroke, Arm Stiffness, Restrictive Conditions, Upper body stiffness, Easy Dressing. 

Assistance Needed:   Yes



Achieve a Perfect Fit

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1. Bust: measure yourself around the fullest part.
2. Waist: measure around your natural waistline.


How does it work ?

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