Blog 2-Winter is here, how to stay warm at home

Blog 2-Winter is here, how to stay warm at home

The north wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow,
And what will the robin do then, Poor thing?
He’ll sit in a barn,
And keep himself warm.

The colder weather and this year's higher energy prices make us think about how to enjoy a warm atmosphere at home even without the thermostat set to 25 degrees. We have an elegant solution.

We recommend warm clothes, hot drink and much more to help you enjoy winter in any temperature.

Come and see our tips with us. It's critical to reflect on the dangers that exposure to the cold can cause to the elderly and people with enduring medical conditions. Age-related changes to the body can make it challenging to detect a reduction in body temperature in older people, who can lose body heat quickly. A dangerous condition called hypothermia may occur from this.

Here are some tips to stay warm and prevent hypothermia

  • When you go outside in cold weather, wear a hat, scarf and gloves to prevent body heat loss through your head and hands. Wear several layers of loose clothing to help trap warm air between layers.
  • If possible, let others know when you plan to spend time outside and keep your cell phone fully charged.

  • Make sure your house is adequately heated. Set the thermostat to at least 20 °C. Even slightly cool houses with temperatures of 15 to 18°C can lead to hypothermia in the elderly.

  • To stay warm at home, wear long underwear under your clothes, along with socks and slippers. Use a blanket to keep your legs and shoulders warm and wear a hat indoors if necessary.
  • What to wear at home when it's cold is one of the questions we've been asking more and more in recent weeks. Let’s have a look at our suggestions.

Type of fabric and layering meters:
As we know, wintertime dressing can be tricky. If you dress in too few layers, you'll get cold; if you dress in too many, you'll become hot. Fortunately, we use Fleece Fabric that provides the ideal level of warmth in frigid conditions. You will stay warm and comfortable all the time by wearing an additional layer of micro-fleece.

Micro fleece is a form of fleece fabric that has a smooth, velvety touch and is manufactured from incredibly thin strands. It is our first choice due to its versatility, warmth and comfort. Micro fleece is a wonderful option for adaptive clothing because it is also very breathable, dries quickly and is simple to maintain. It is the perfect fabric to keep you warm.

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Swap light pajamas for warmer fabrics.
You really shouldn’t feel cold under the duvet, comfortable pajamas will also allow you to lie around comfortably without any restrictions. Swap light summer materials for long sleeved pajamas in winter. Both Women’s and Men’s long sleeve pajamas offer comfortable warm materials such as heavy weight cotton, flannel is also popular.

Women's Adaptive Nightwear: Terry Cotton Open Back Nightgown - M001
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