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B Warm Lap Blanket and Cardigan - M116

B Warm Lap Blanket and Cardigan - M116

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At Medoris Care, we pride ourselves on offering practical products that not only assist with day-to-day care needs, but also help maintain dignity. That’s why, our B Warm Lap Blanket and Cardigan is a clever micro fleece two piece that’s both functional and stylish.

Product Description: 

Adaptive Design

Designed as a neat solution for keeping warm from top-to-toe, this lap blanket and cardigan can be popped together and used as a one piece, or easily unpopped and separated into two. This allows the user to control how much, or how little, warmth they need. Ideal for those who remain seated for long periods of time, those in wheelchairs or those who feel the cold more than most.

Lap Blanket

The lightweight micro fleece blanket delivers optimal warmth without feeling too heavy and has snap-close poppers that attach to the cardigan. This means it drapes neatly across the lap, tucks under the thighs and covers lower limbs, without slipping off onto the floor.

It’s also cut to a manageable length, so those who are physically limited can cover themselves up from a seated position and wheelchair users can be confident that it stays clear of the wheels. In addition to its comfort and style, it offers women added warmth and privacy, as it covers up skirts or dresses that can some times ride up.


Soft and lightweight, it can easily be slipped on and off by the wearer or carer with minimal disturbance or discomfort. The fuller sleeves minimize the need for too much bending of the arms or lifting them above the head. What’s more, quick-release fastenings are well placed for medical treatments such as blood tests or blood pressure monitoring.

All-in-all, we hope that our B Warm Lap Blanket and Cardigan offers all the flexibility and warmth needed for everyday comfort and care.


  • Warm, micro fleece lap blanket and cardigan connected with simple poppers.
  • Suitable for wheelchair use.
  • Blanket and cardigan can be used together or separately.
  • Blanket drapes over lower limbs and tucks under thighs.
  • Long enough to cover feet
  • Lightweight so it can be moved easily.
  • ‘Slip-on, slip-off’ loose cut cardigan.
  • Fuller sleeves for comfortable dressing and undressing.
  • Quick-release fastenings for blood tests and blood pressure monitoring.
  • Easy wash and quick dry.
  • Makes a perfect gift.
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