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Women's Adaptive Clothing: Ladies B Warm Embroidered Jacket M022

Women's Adaptive Clothing: Ladies B Warm Embroidered Jacket M022

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This Ladies B Warm Embroidered Jacket is a lightweight winter coat designed with warmth and comfort in mind. It’s both functional and stylish.

Product Description:


Soft and lightweight, it can be slipped on and off easily by the wearer or carer with minimal disturbance or discomfort. A huge benefit for the elderly, infirm or those suffering from restrictive conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy or Multiple Sclerosis.

The fuller arm design means it can be removed without too much bending of the arms or lifting them above the head.

What’s more, the two popper fastenings can be easily released for medical treatments such as blood tests or blood pressure monitoring.

It’s also cut to a fashionable and manageable length, which makes it suitable for wheelchair users and those confined to a sitting position or in bed.

Made from 100% polyester microfleece, it washes easily, dries quickly and retains its shape. Plus, it comes in 3 sizes (Petite, S/M, L/XL) and 4 colours (Pink, Blue, Navy and Stone).

In short, this adaptive Ladies B Warm Embroidered Jacket offers the best of both worlds. On one hand, you get all the cosiness of a women’s warm winter coat and, on the other, all the comfort of a lovely lightweight ladies jacket.

At Medoris Care, we pride ourselves on producing award-winning practical products for the elderly, disabled and those with specialist needs. Our aim is to continually improve their quality of life, so that they can feel happy and comfortable.

We hope that this ladies warm jacket could be the perfect gift for a loved one or a cosy gift for yourself.


  • Loose-cut design for comfortable dressing and undressing.
  • Fuller arms to prevent injury from over-stretching.
  • Helps stay warm during the cold winter months.
  • Lightweight microfleece avoids the build-up of heat and sweat.
  • Simple popper fastenings for medical treatments.
  • Easy-wash and quick-dry.
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