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Women's Adaptive Nightwear: 100% Cotton Open Back Nightgown - M003

Women's Adaptive Nightwear: 100% Cotton Open Back Nightgown - M003

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At Medoris, we believe in making every aspect of your care as comfortable as possible. But, that's not all.

We also believe that it's vital to maintain a sense of dignity during these times. That's why our award-winning Women's Adaptive Nightwear: 100% Cotton Open Back Nightgown is designed to give you total discretion.

You may be elderly or disabled. You may have had a stroke, are recovering from an operation or receiving palliative care. Alternatively, you may suffer from Dementia or Parkinson's or have a restricted mobility condition such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy or Multiple Sclerosis.

Whatever the medical condition, this open back gown gives you all the privacy you want, whilst giving your carer the easy access they need to look after you with minimum intrusion.

Product Description:


At the back, the large over-lapping flap has a double function. It prevents exposure, and the generous amount of fabric makes it highly absorbent. A benefit for ladies suffering from incontinence. The well-placed nickel-free poppers under the left arm help blood pressure monitoring or taking blood samples, without lifting it up over the head. The front is secured with three nickel free poppers on the shoulder which can be released effortlessly to aid toileting and personal care.  What's more, it has a wide neckline and loose fitting raglan sleeves, so it can be slipped on and off without lifting arms due to any weakness or injury.


Made with 100% cotton, this nightgown stretches for maximum freedom and flexibility. Its minimal seams prevent any pain caused by chaffing and pressure, especially helpful if ladies have to sit or lie down for long periods. The natural fibres also help reduce perspiration and control body temperature for keeping warm in winter and cool in summer.


Comfort is paramount. That's why, we offer four sizes and two choices of lengths, Standard and Short. Having the option of a shorter nightgown is especially suitable for ladies who may be bedridden or wheelchair dependent, as well as for those who may be prone to tripping or unsteady on their feet.

Easy care

Like all our women's adaptive nightwear, the 100% Cotton Open Back Nightgown can be washed at high temperatures, so it doesn't fade. It also retains its shape and the attractive colours stay bright, even after repeated washing.

At Medoris, we're aware that everyone's needs are different. That's why, we hope that our range of women's adaptive nightgowns gives you total comfort and confidence, both day and night.


  • Open back from easy access by carer.
  • Large over-lapping flap at back for patient dignity. 
  • Poppers under left arm for blood pressure monitoring or taking blood samples.
  • Highly absorbent for discretion and confidence.
  • Quality machine washable 100% cotton. 
  • Natural stretch fabric for maximum comfort.
  • Generous neckline and arms for easy putting on and taking off. 
  • Standard sizes: Petite, S/M, L/XL, XXL.
  • Short length sizes: S/M Short, L/XL Short, XXL Short.
  • Available in 4 colours: Aqua, Blue, Lemon and Pink.

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