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Women's Adaptive Nightwear: 100% Cotton Interlock Completely Open Back Nightgown - M080

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At Medoris Care, our role is to help you help others.

That is why our Women's Adaptive Nightwear: 100% Cotton Completely Open Back Nightgown is specially designed to improve quality of life and increased peace of mind.

Product Description:


It allows the wearer to be dressed and undressed without having to raise their arms. A key benefit for the elderly, disabled, and those receiving palliative care, or suffering from restrictive conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, or Multiple Sclerosis.

The generous overlapping fabric at the back makes it easy to be put on and take off, while providing excellent coverage and dignity.

It's completely open-backed with no fiddly ties and is knee-length. Both are important for minimal intrusion or discomfort to the patient, especially if they are bed-bound or sleeping.

In addition, this cotton nightgown for women has three quick-release nickel-free poppers on the shoulder for assistance in medical and personal care.


The 100% pure cotton interlock fabric has multiple benefits for the wearer. The double-knit construction makes it extremely soft and warm.

It's naturally stretchy without any synthetic fabrics, so there's no irritation to the skin. While the dense weave means it's thicker than normal cotton, making it highly absorbent. A bonus for women suffering from incontinence.

What's more, the natural fibers help reduce perspiration and control body temperature.

At Medoris Care, we're aware that everyone's needs are different. That's why, we hope that our range of women's adaptive clothing gives total comfort and confidence, both day and night.


  • Short sleeves and three-quarter length.
  • Completely open-back nightwear for minimal intrusion by a carer.
  • Allows the wearer to be dressed and undressed without having to raise their arms.
  • Generous overlapping fabric at back for complete coverage and dignity.
  • Shoulder poppers for easy access, medical treatments and personal care. 
  • 100% pure cotton interlock for increased absorbency and patient discretion.
  • Soft, warm and stretchy for maximum comfort.

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