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Men's Undershirt-White (4211)

Men's Undershirt-White (4211)

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Introducing men's undershirt with snap-on fastenings, designed especially for people who have difficulty in dressing and undressing.

Product Description: 

This undershirt features press fastenings on both shoulders, allowing it to be completely open from the top, making it easy to put on. The press fastenings do not put pressure on shoulders, ensuring greater comfort for the wearer.

Option - Side Zip Closure

But what sets our undershirt apart is the optional side zip closure, designed to make dressing and undressing even easier.

The side zip opening allows the garment to be completely opened and easy to put on sideways, eliminating the need to lift the arms. The hidden zip does not cause any rubbing or abrasions, ensuring the comfort of the wearer.

This men's undershirt is made from high-quality, breathable fabric, ensuring that it's comfortable to wear all day long. It's perfect for those who have difficulty in dressing and undressing, providing greater ease and comfort.

At our company, we believe that everyone should have access to clothing that meets their needs, without sacrificing style or comfort.

This men's undershirt with snap-on fastenings and optional side zipper closure is just one example of the innovative products we offer, designed to make life easier for those with difficulty in dressing and undressing.


  • Adaptive Men's Undershirt with snap-on closures.
  • Press fastenings on both shoulders.
  • Easy dressing for restrictive conditions.
  • Eliminates the need to lift the arms.
  • Optional Side Zip Closure for complete opening of the garment.
  • Suitable to wear under shit for extra warmth.  
  • Made of soft 100% cotton.  
  • Laundry Instructions: Wash at 60° degrees, do not bleach, and dry at a low setting, iron at a low setting.

Who is it for: Men

Needs: Bed Bound Individuals, Disability Clothing, Assisted Dressing, Assisted Living, Adaptive, Disabled, Elderly, Older Person, Paralysis, Nursing Home, Care Home, Wheel Chair Users, Stroke, Arm Stiffness, Restrictive Conditions, Upper body stiffness, Easy Dressing, Arm Contractures, Arthritis, Bedbound.

Assistance Needed: Yes

Size Guide: 

*Sizes are in cm

mens  undershirt white

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