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Men's Black Mesh Touch Fastening Slipper (U008)

Men's Black Mesh Touch Fastening Slipper (U008)

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Multi-touch fastening dual-sized slipper is a comfortable and convenient footwear option that offers flexibility and a customized fit for the user.

Product Description:

This super-wide fitting slipper is designed to fit the widest feet out there. With a dual-sized design, you can find your perfect fit, and enjoy the comfort of memory foam sock for all-day wear. The textile stitched sole is made from a soft and flexible rubber that allows for easy walking.

The black mesh touch fastening slipper has a superwide fitting and is made from a soft memory foam sock that cushions your foot as you move around in it.
It also features a textile stitched sole that provides durability while walking but also feels great as it conforms to your foot over time.

What is multi-touch fastening dual-sized? 

A multi-touch fastening dual-sized slipper is a type of slipper that is designed to fit two different shoe sizes and is equipped with multi-touch fastening technology.
The multi-touch fastening system typically includes adjustable straps or other fastening mechanisms that allow the user to adjust the slipper's fit to their specific foot size.
The use of this technology allows the user to easily and quickly adjust the slipper to fit comfortably and securely on their foot.

This type of slipper is especially useful for individuals who have difficulty finding slippers that fit comfortably due to their foot size or shape.
The dual-sized design makes it easier to find the right size, while the multi-touch fastening system ensures a secure fit for all foot types.


  •  Superwide Fitting
  •  Memory Foam Sock
  •  Textile Stitched Sole
  •  Multi-Touch Fastening Slipper
  •  made of mesh material.
  •  Dual Sized


Disability Clothing, Assisted Dressing, Assisted Living, Adaptive, Disabled, Elderly, Older Person, Nursing Home, Care Home, Wheelchair Users, Stroke, Restrictive Conditions, Easy Dressing, Easy Footwear. 
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