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Men's All-in-One Jumpsuit (4231)

Men's All-in-One Jumpsuit (4231)

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We are aware that Men with differing needs require adaptive clothing to enable them to participate in daily activities in a way that makes them feel at ease, confident and dignified.

We have therefore added a wider range of adaptive clothing for Men to our inventory. Introducing three designs of All-in-One Jumpsuit garments that offer the ultimate convenience and practicality for day and night.

Product Description:

Those jumpsuits are designed to imitate the look of a top and trousers, but in reality, it is a single, seamless piece that can be worn as a whole.

Intentionally designed for people who are incontinent and cannot stay away from their incontinence product during the day and night. The Jumpsuits are also suitable for individuals who have a tendency to undress at random, providing them with reliable and discreet protection.

Made with fashionable printed 100% cotton, a premium quality fabric that is soft and long-lasting. Looks and feels like casual pyjamas and is made to withstand multiple washes.

Long sleeve and long leg design:

The stylish V-neck makes the overall look like fashionable pyjamas. The long back zip is extra strong and ensures easy dressing. This garment prevents continence product removal and self-undressing. 

Made from lovely and soft 100% cotton fabrics.

  • long back zip .
  • no zip at the crotch.

Long sleeve and long leg with zip at the crotch design:

This dressing jumpsuit with long sleeves and long legs features dual zip closure: one at the back and one at the crotch. The zip at the crotch simplifies changing incontinence products, very useful during the night.

  • long back zip
  • zip at the crotch

Short sleeve and short leg design: 

Features short sleeves and short legs and comes with an extra-strong back zip closure. 

  • long back zip
  • no zip at the crotch


  • Men All-in-One Jumpsuit, Dignity Suit
  • Looks and feels like casual pyjamas
  • Prevents continence product removal and self-undressing
  • Made from high-quality 100% cotton
  • Strong zip closures
  • Comes in three designs and with a variety of patterns
  • Suitable for day and night wear
  • Suitable for individuals with Dementia and Alsheimer's disease
  • Laundry Instructions: Wash at 60° degrees do not bleach and dry at a low setting, iron at a low setting

Who is it for: Men

Needs: Disability Clothing, Assisted Dressing, Assisted Living, Dignity Suits, Adaptive, Disabled, Elderly, Older Person, Undressing, Agresive Patient, Nursing Home, Care Home, Restrictive Conditions, Easy Dressing, Dementia, Alzheimer's, Incontinence.

Assistance Needed: Yes

Size Guide:

*Sizes are in cm

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