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Women's Pull-On Seated Trousers - M048

Women's Pull-On Seated Trousers - M048

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Adaptive Seated Trousers: Pull-On With Elasticated Waist and Wide Leg

Trousers Made For Sitting.

Getting dressed can be stressful and sometimes impossible for people with chronic conditions, disabilities, injuries, or reduced mobility, that is why we designed our adaptive seated trousers that you can just pull on and off to make dressing easier.

Our Women’s Seated Trousers are a beautiful addition to our adaptive wear. Specifically designed for anyone who spends a long time in a seated position; such as wheelchair users or older people with reduced mobility. They are made from stretchy material and can be worn all year round.


Longer Back Rise
The classic, well-fitting adaptive cut is designed with a longer back rise to sit level at the waist and a shaped seat without pockets. The shaped seat has more fabric to allow a non-restrictive fit in a seated position. This feature also benefits those who use incontinence products as it covers large pads providing comfort and dignity. It is good to see that even when you are sitting, the waistband remains in the same place at the back. No more bear backs and uncomfortable tight fit. Our adaptive cut looks like normal trousers.

Elasticated Waistband And Wide Leg
The 1.5-inch wide, fully stretchable elasticated waistband is designed to provide comfort and a non-restrictive fit, complimented by a wide leg cut to complete the adaptive style. The wide leg allows easier dressing when assistance is needed and is extremely useful for lower limb swelling, oedema, urinary catheter care and casts. Furthermore, the longer length at the ankle maintains a great fit when seated.

Fashionable and Practical

Our Seated Trousers look just like traditional trousers at first glance, but with all the benefits of adaptive features. They are made from a blend of soft polyester and spandex fabric designed to keep you comfortable. This naturally stretchy fabric is perfect for non-restrictive movement, easy wash, and quick drying. It is cut to a fashionable and manageable length, which makes it suitable for wheelchair users and those confined to a sitting position or in bed. The traditional black colour makes it easier to be paired with a variety of tops and shoes to create a smart look.

At Medoris Care, we pride ourselves on producing award-winning practical products for the elderly, disabled, and those with specialist needs. We aim to continually improve their quality of life so that they can feel happy and comfortable.
We hope that our Seated Trousers could be the perfect gift for a loved one or part of an outfit for yourself.


  • Fashionable Adaptive Seated Pull-On Trousers that look like traditional trousers. Longer back rise specifically cut to accommodate the seated position.
  • Maintains comfort and dignity: Full waist coverage.
  • 1.5-inch fully elasticated waistband – Easy to put on and take off.
  • Wider leg opening – Beneficial for those who need extra space, for example, swollen legs, urinary catheter use, casts etc.
  • Suitable for restrictive conditions. Appropriate for both self-dressing and assisted dressing.
  • Designed and made in the UK.
  • Blend of Polyester and Spandex fabric - Naturally stretchy for non-restrictive movement.
  • Easy wash and tumble dry, or quick air dry - no need to iron. Perfect for nursing homes and care homes.
  • Excellent fit and is true to size.
  • Available in S(8-10) M(12-14) L(16-18) XL(20-22)

Extra small and larger sizes are available on request.

Who is it for: Women with reduced mobility who require sitting for prolonged periods and for those who benefit from the easy pull-on/off and extra space clothing.

Needs: Bed Bound Individuals, Disability Clothing, Assisted Dressing, Assisted Living, Adaptive, Disabled, Elderly, Palliative Care, Older Person, Paralysis, Nursing Home, Care Home, Wheel Chair Users, Stroke, Restrictive Conditions, Lower limb injuries, Leg Oedema and Swelling, Easy Dressing, Incontinence.

Assistance Needed: Suitable for both self-dressing and assisted dressing. Alteration services including crotch size available see our website.  Click here


adaptive trousers for disabled and elderly

Size Waist Hip Inseam Full length Leg Opening
S (8-10) 75-95 30-37 98-105 39-41 77 30 100 39 45 18
M(12-14) 85-102 33-40 100-117 39-46 75 29 105 41 53 21
L (16-18) 90-110 35-43 118-128 46-50 80 31 105 41 56 22
XL (20-22) 115-125 45-49 128-132 50-52

What is Inseam?
The most accurate way to measure leg length is its inner measurement from the crotch, not the outer measurement from the waist. For seated trousers, you measure it by placing a tape measure at the crotch and running it along the inside of the thigh over the bent knee to the ankle or wherever you want the pants to reach. We can adjust the Inseam on your request. If you have an adjustment query do not order the product via the e-shop, but send you a request by e-mail.

What is Leg Opening?
Leg opening measurement, or ankle width, Is the width at the very bottom of the trousers. It is important for those who need extra space, for example, swollen legs, urinary catheter use, casts etc.

How to Measure Hip Circumference?
When measuring your hips, slide the tape measure under your bottom and measure your seat at the widest part while sitting.

How to Measure Waist Circumference?
Place a flexible measuring tape above your belly button at the smallest part of your waist in a seated position. Wrap the tape around your waist and relax your stomach. The tape should be snug but not too tight.

If your measurements are somewhere on the borderline, select a size based on whether you prefer a looser fit or a tighter one.

adaptive trousers in uk

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