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Continence and Bed Protection: Catheter Bag Pocket - M250

Continence and Bed Protection: Catheter Bag Pocket - M250

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At Medoris Care, we help you to care with confidence. This is especially true when it comes to managing incontinence and the uncomfortable moments that it can cause for some.

That's why, we offer a wide range of continence and bed protection aids that help improve personal care in the most dignified way possible. Take a look our clever Catheter Bag Pocket. A neat and discreet bag pocket that's attached to a bed pad for maximum effectiveness and reliability.

Product Description:


Unlike floor stands that can be cumbersome and hook-on metal hangers that some times move with movement, ours stays secure and close to the user. This means that it doesn't unhook, or pull, and is always bedside the bed.

All-in-all, it helps avoid any discomfort. Ideal for urostomy and urinary catheterisation. The soft pocket is also strong and suitable for all sizes of drainage bags. Its sturdy design means it hangs perfectly down the side of the bed, without the need for too much checking and touching.

The assurance of knowing that it's always close by can help reduce cross infection and the risk of MRSA.

What's more, it's discreet, easy to use and comes with a water resistant carry bag for easy portability of the bed pad. Very handy as this removes any apprehension of accidents happening when travelling away from home, staying at a hotel or with friends and family.

We hope that our Catheter Bag Pocket gives added peace of mind and comfort for everyday continence care.


  • Cleverly-designed catheter bag pocket that's attached to a bed pad. Suitable for all sizes of draining bags.
  • Gives total confidence as it's always securely in place.
  • Removes possible issues such as pulling, unhooking and being too far away. Reduces possibilities of cross infection and risk of MRSA.
  • Neat and discreet for discretion and dignity.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with a water resistant carry bag for easy portability.

Please note: drainage bags and hangers in the product photo are not included.

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