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Children's Bodysuit - Short Sleeves and Legs/Back and Crotch Zip (4020)

Children's Bodysuit - Short Sleeves and Legs/Back and Crotch Zip (4020)

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We are aware that many children with special needs require adaptive clothing to enable them to participate in daily activities in a way that makes them feel at ease and confident. We have therefore added adaptive clothing for children to our inventory.

Product Description: 

This Children's bodysuit features short legs and a back zip closure. It has an extra zip stitched at the crotch to make it very easy to change diapers and incontinence products. The bodysuit can be pulled down from the head or pulled up from the legs. It is the perfect attire for all differing behaviours

Kids with disabilities or special needs can benefit greatly from wearing clothing of this kind because it can make them feel more at ease and enable them to carry out their daily activities independently.


  • Adaptive bodysuit for children.
  • Short legs and a back zip closure.
  • Zip closure at the crotch.
  • Made from 100% Cotton Fabric.
  • Wash at 90° degrees, do not bleach.
  • Dry at a low setting.
  • Iron at a low setting.

Who is it for:  Children

Needs:  Adaptive Clothing, Disabled Children, Special Needs, Inclusive Clothing, Differently-abled Children, Mobility Impairments, Sensory Processing Disorder, Easy-on, easy-off clothing.

Assistance Needed: Yes

*Sizes are in cm

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