Let's talk about comfort! - New In Trousers

Let's talk about comfort! - New In Trousers

Let's talk about comfort!

Sometimes simplicity is the key.
 Imagine you had to sit all day with restricted movement and perhaps you also needed to wear a bulky incontinence product.

When you work in the care sector looking after many people with similar issues. You cannot help but wonder, what does it feel like? What would provide more comfort? How can I help?

On the scale of things, designing comfortable seated trousers, for those with restrictive conditions, might be a small contribution, but it is an extremely important one.

So we ask; What do we want from comfortable trousers? Space, elasticity, comfortable waist, no restriction, easy dressing?

We have just the thing! 

Adaptive Pull-On Seated Trousers - M048
Trousers Made For Siting by Medoris 

As we already know, getting dressed can be stressful and sometimes impossible for people with chronic conditions, disabilities, injuries, or reduced mobility, that is why we designed our adaptive seated trousers that you can just pull on and off to make dressing easier.

Our Seated Trousers are a beautiful addition to our adaptive wear. Specifically designed for anyone who spends a long time in seated a position; such as wheelchair users or older people with reduced mobility. They are made from stretchy material and can be worn all year round. 


Longer back rise

Classic, well-fitting adaptive cut is designed with longer back rise to sit level at the waist and a shaped seat without pockets. The shaped seat has more fabric to allow non-restrictive fit in the seated position. This feature also benefits those who use incontinence products as it covers large pads providing comfort and dignity. It is good to see that even when you are sitting, the waistband remains in the same place at the back. No more bear backs and uncomfortable tight fit. Our adaptive cut looks like normal trousers.

Elasticated Waistband and Wide Leg

The 1.5-inch wide, fully stretchable elasticated waistband is designed to provide comfort and non-restrictive fit, complimented by a wide leg cut to complete the adaptive style. The wide leg allows easier dressing when assistance is needed and is extremely useful for lower limb swelling, oedema, urinary catheter care and casts. Furthermore, the longer length at the ankle maintains a great fit when seated.

Fashionable and Practical 

Our Seated Trousers looks just like traditional trousers at first glance, but with all the benefits of adaptive features. They are made from a blend of soft polyester and spandex fabric designed to keep you comfortable. This naturally stretchy fabric is perfect for non-restrictive movement, easy wash, and quick drying. It is cut to a fashionable and manageable length, which makes it suitable for wheelchair users and those confined to a sitting position or in bed. The traditional black colour makes it easier to be paired with a variety of tops and shoes to create a smart look.

At Medoris Care, we pride ourselves on producing award-winning practical products for the elderly, disabled, and those with specialist needs. We aim to continually improve their quality of life so they can feel happy and comfortable.

We hope that our Seated Trousers could be the perfect gift for a loved one or part of an outfit for yourself.

Elastic waistbands that gently hug,
No need for zippers or buttons to tug,
Pull-on trousers, so easy to don,
Comfortable fit all day long. 

For a casual look, they are the key,
Pair them with tops, shoes, and you'll see,
They offer versatility, style, and ease,
Making getting dressed a breeze. 

Gone are the days of restrictive waistbands,
With pull-on trousers, freedom expands,
All-day comfort, a must-have attire,
Pull-on trousers, a wardrobe desire. 

So, if you're looking for comfort and style,
Pull-on trousers should be your trial,
You'll see the benefits, so clear and true,
Making them a staple in your wardrobe, a new. 

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