Mother's Day Gift Idea for elderly

Mother's Day Gift Idea for elderly


Are you living far away from your mother and unable to see her this Mother's DayOr is your mother living in a nursing or care home where you can't visit her in person?

Medoris Care offers fashionable options for mothers with differing needs. Our gift guide features a range of thoughtful and practical gifts for Mother's Day 

Mother's Day is just around the corner and it is the ideal time to express our gratitude to the most significant women in our lives. Flowers, chocolates, and cards are typically the traditional holiday gifts, but many people are looking for more practical and meaningful options that will truly make a difference.

If you have an elderly or disabled mother or grandmother, you might want to think about getting her something that will help her get through the day. Medoris care specializes in products for the elderly and disabled, including pressure care cushions, incontinence products, adaptive clothing, and more.

Here are some gift ideas that can make your mother's life easier and more comfortable:

Inclusivity and Independent Dressing
Our clothing for disabled adults and older people is made so that they can dress themselves independently. We know that everyone has different needs, so our adaptive clothing options make everything possible for everyone.

Your mother will have access to a wide selection of clothing options that can be tailored to her particular preferences and requirements thanks to our extensive selection, whether she requires an additional layer to keep warm or comfortable clothing for the day.

adaptive clothing tailored

Adaptive Clothing

Your mother will have no trouble dressing independently thanks to the velcro, snap, and zipper closures found in our adaptive clothing collection. Our adaptive clothing also includes garments for those who require full assistance with dressing.

Those garments are specially designed to prevent people from inappropriately undressing. We use soft, stretchy and comfortable materials that are kind to the skin and provide optimal daytime comfort. All-in-one Jumpsuits, Adaptive Pyjamas, and Open Back Blouses are a few popular choices.

Give the gift of warmth and comfort
A perfect present for your mum whether she is relaxing at home or braving the outdoors, our adaptive clothes and blankets will keep her cosy and comfortable.

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Pressure Cushions
Give your mum the gift of comfort and let her know how much you care with a Pressure Cushion Order now and make her day extra special! -

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The Gift of Care

Why not provide your mother with the resources and support she needs to live comfortably and independently by giving her a gift from Medoris Care.


Gift wrapping service
 Beautify Wrapped Presents Sent Directly To Your Mum.

Don't let distance stop you from showing your love and appreciation for your mom. Our company offers a gift-wrapping service that can make your Mother's Day present extra special.

We can deliver your gift directly to your mom's home or care home, saving you the hassle and worry of shipping it yourself.

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