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Traditional shaped Bib-M085

Traditional shaped Bib-M085

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At Medoris Care, we know that some adults can feel self-conscious at mealtimes. We also know how important it is for them to maintain their dignity, especially when dealing with fiddly cutlery, spillages and food mess.

 That’s why, we have a wide range of practical eating and drinking aids to help maintain discretion wherever possible. Especially useful for the elderly, disabled and for those suffering from tremors, muscle weakness or poor hand grip.

Clever design.

Our Traditional Bib has a discreet, full width waterproof back, giving it a double layer construction for maximum absorbency and protection.

 It’s also designed to be larger and longer than most adult bibs, measuring 63cm from the neck to lowest point. This way, it can rest neatly on a table to prevent food and liquid falling into the lap. A huge boost for independence at mealtimes.

 In short, it completely removes the need for frequent changing of damp or wet clothes, making it a truly dignified clothing protector.


Even with its double layer construction, it’s lightweight, so there’s no feeling of being restricted. It also fits snugly around the neck to keep it in place. A perfect adult bib for those who are bedridden or for those wanting to self-feed with confidence.

 Furthermore, it can be easily wiped down, folded away and machine washed, ensuring the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness, without shrinking or losing its shape.

 All-in-all, we hope that our Traditional Bib helps with everyday discretion and dignity.


  • Traditional adult bib with full width waterproof backing.
  • Long, large and lightweight.
  • Double layer construction for protection.
  • Removes need for frequent changing of damp or wet clothes.
  • Fits snugly around the neck.
  • Neck to lowest point 63cm.
  • Easy to wipe down and fold away.
  • Machine washable and quick dry.

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