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Waterproof Adult T-Shirt Bib - M037

Waterproof Adult T-Shirt Bib - M037

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At Medoris Care, we cover all areas of healthcare, for all areas of specialist needs. That's why, we offer a large range of Eating and Drinking Aids.

Whether you're caring for the elderly, disabled, those suffering from Parkinson's disease or restrictive conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, we know that something as a small as a bib can make such a big difference to mealtimes.

Product Description:

Clever Design

Worn under conventional tops, blouses and shirts, our Waterproof Adult T-Shirt Bib looks just like a t-shirt, but is actually a highly-absorbent bib. A very simple and clever way for wearers to maintain maximum dignity.

The bib user can stay dry, especially reassuring for those prone to dribbling or drooling, as well as those with tremors and muscle weakness.

They can feel confident, because it gives them triple protection. The two outer layers are made from 100% pure cotton interlock to absorb liquid instantly, while the waterproof inner layer prevents excessive dampness next to the skin.

What's more, they don't have to feel self-conscious. With quick release nickel-free poppers and a stylist t-shirt neckline, it's so discreet, no-one even knows that they're wearing a bib.


Made with 100% pure cotton interlock fabric, the double knit construction makes it extremely soft and and the natural fibres help reduce perspiration.

The dense weave is thicker than normal cotton and therefore more absorbent than conventional bibs. This removes the need for continuous changing.

Like all our bibs, it's also cut to drape loosely over the chest, without rubbing.

Here, at Medoris Care, we hope that our Waterproof Adult T-Shirt Bib is a practical, comfortable and helpful solution for those who face tricky mealtime moments.


  • Designed to look just like a t-shirt for maximum discretion.
  • Suitable to be worn under conventional blouses, shirts or tops.
  • Triple moisture protection. Soft and highly absorbent 100% pure cotton interlock outer layers.
  • Waterproof inner layer.
  • Quick release nickel-free poppers.
  • Easy wash and quick dry for repeated use, without losing its shape.
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