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Men's Classic Polo Shirt with Full Side Zip Closure (4252)

Men's Classic Polo Shirt with Full Side Zip Closure (4252)

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Introducing our classic polo shirt for men, designed to make dressing a breeze for those who need it most.

Product Description:

This adaptive top is designed with a full side zip closure that makes it incredibly easy to put on the shirt, without the need for lifting arms or struggling with a traditional button-up or over-the-head shirts.

This polo-style shirt is specifically designed for individuals who display resistant behavior and have dressing problems. It is useful for anyone with a restrictive condition, including wheelchair users.

The hidden full-side zip causes no skin abrasions, ensuring that the shirt is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. The full-side zip also eliminates the need to lift arms when dressing, which can be difficult for those who experience discomfort or pain when moving their arms.

This timeless polo shirt can be worn for long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable thanks to the high-quality materials it is made of. The polo-style design is timeless and versatile, making it suitable for a range of occasions, from casual outings to more formal events.

Available in a long and short sleeve style and a range of colors, this classic polo shirt is perfect for those who want to look their best, while also enjoying the benefits of adaptive clothing.

The design is simple and elegant, featuring classic collar sleeves making it suitable for any occasion.

Everyone should have access to adaptive clothing that meets their needs, without sacrificing style or comfort. Our classic polo shirt for ladies is just one example of the innovative products we offer, designed to make life easier for those with restrictive conditions.


  • Adaptive Mens Polo Shirt- Full Side Zip.
  • Perfect for those who struggle to lift arms when dressing.
  • Full-side zip also eliminates the need to lift arms.
  • Available in a long and short sleeve style and a range of colors.
  • Suitable for any occasion.
  • Made from soft fabric 50% cotton, 50% polyester,
  • Laundry Instructions: Wash at 40° degrees, do not bleach, dry at low setting, iron at low setting,

Who is it for: Men

Needs: Disability Clothing, Assisted Dressing, Assisted Living, Adaptive, Disabled, Elderly, Older Person, Nursing Home, Care Home, Disabled Young Adult, Restrictive Conditions, Stroke, Easy Dressing, Arm Stiffness, Arm Contractures and Paralysis, Arthritis.

Assistance Needed: Yes

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