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Catchkin Adult Toweling Bib - M126

Catchkin Adult Toweling Bib - M126

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We know that taking care of people's dignity is just as important as looking after their health needs. That's why, at Medoris Care, we have a vast range of practical products to help maintain discretion, confidence, and independence wherever possible.

Eating and drinking are good examples. Tricky cutlery, spillages, and food mess can become embarrassing moments for some, especially the elderly, disabled, and those suffering from tremors, muscle weakness, or poor hand grip.

Product Description: 

Made from soft absorbent toweling, our Catchkin Adult Toweling Bib looks just like a napkin but has a discreet polyurethane backing, giving it a double-layer construction for maximum protection.

Cut to drape loosely over the chest, it allows for coverage of all shapes and sizes and has adjustable snap closures so it fits snugly around the neck, keeping it firmly in place. This completely removes the need for frequent changing of damp or wet clothes.

The terry toweling fabric is a mix of 85% cotton and 15% polyester and has multiple benefits for the wearer. Woven into soft loops, it's plush to touch and the dense weave makes it even more absorbent than normal cotton, useful for dribbling and spillages.

It's stretchy too, so there's no feeling of being restricted. It can also be washed at hot temperatures, ensuring the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness, without shrinking or losing its shape.

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