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Continence and Bed Protection: Ladies 100% Cotton Eyelet Knickers - M075

Continence and Bed Protection: Ladies 100% Cotton Eyelet Knickers - M075

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At Medoris Care, we understand the importance of continence care and bed protection. We also understand that many women's personal hygiene needs change as their care needs change.

Normal knickers may be appropriate at the start, but sometimes, they just become too tight, too tiny and too tough to get on and off. A situation that doesn't help with dignity and discretion.

That's why, we offer our Ladies 100% Cotton Eyelet Knickers.

Product Description:

Clever design

Unlike conventional net knickers, they are 100% cotton for 100% comfort. Made with tiny air holes, the soft eyelet fabric allows the skin to breathe, preventing sweating and reducing the irritation that some ladies get from wearing man-made fibres. Very helpful for those in hot care homes or for larger ladies. 

The eyelet fabric also makes them stretchy, so they can be put on and taken off with ease, either by the wearer or by the carer. What's more, their expandability makes them far less restrictive. Particularly good for the elderly who may be siting for long periods of time, for those recovering from an operation or those prone to pulling and fiddling with clothing.

They also have a wide, generous gusset. Firstly, for maximum absorbency and secondly, for comfort when wearing continence pads. A huge boost for self-confidence and self-esteem, especially for those ladies who become aware that their personal care requires more attention.

All-in-all, we find that most women tend to prefer the benefits of these full briefs. The high waist and double cuff legs stop them cutting into their skin, giving them an all-round comfortable fit. Something that those working in the care home environment see as a real positive in everyday continence management.

We hope that you too can see the real positive in our comfortable underwear and what it can do for ladies moving into the next stage of their lives.


  • Soft, full brief, eyelet knickers for continence care.
  • 100% cotton for 100% comfort.
  • Breathable eyelet fabric prevents sweating and irritation.
  • Stretchable, so they are non-restrictive.
  • Wide gusset for maximum absorbency and wearing of continence pads. High waist and double cuff legs, so they don't cut into the skin.
  • Can be washed at very high temperature from hygiene and cleanliness. Help maintain dignity and discretion. Available in many sizes.
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