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Catchkin Napkin: Adult Bib With Full Width Waterproof Back and Poppers - M016

Catchkin Napkin: Adult Bib With Full Width Waterproof Back and Poppers - M016

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We know that mealtimes can be tricky times. Fiddly cutlery, accidental drips and food mess can become embarrassing moments for the elderly, disabled, and those suffering from Dementia, Stroke and Parkinson's, as well as individuals with restrictive conditions including Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Sclerosis.

That's why we pride ourselves on designing practical products that help maintain dignity wherever possible. Based on our award-winning design, the Catchkin "Napkin Bib" is much more than a conventional bib.

Product Description: 

Clever Design

It's made to be dual purpose.

On one hand, it's a highly absorbent, polycotton clothing protector with full-width waterproof backing. Particularly useful for those who need extra protection from fluids. The combination of soft cotton fabric and PU plastic gives it a double-layer construction for maximum comfort and protection.

On the other hand, it offers all the advantages of a napkin, only larger. The generous fabric allows the wearer or carer to wipe the mouth and face with total discretion. A key benefit for those who may be prone to dribbling or drooling.

In short, this napkin clothing protector removes the need for frequent changing of damp or wet clothes.


Cut to drape loosely over the chest, it allows for coverage of all shapes and sizes and has adjustable poppers so fits snugly around the neck, keeping it firmly in place.

It's also quick dry and can be washed at hot temperatures, ensuring the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness, without shrinking or losing its shape.

At Medoris Care, we offer a range of specialist products designed to give individuals as much independence, self-confidence and, above all, dignity.


  • Highly-absorbent polycotton "Napkin Bib" with dual purpose for maximum protection and dignity.
  • Full-width waterproof PU back for clothes protection.
  • Doubles up as a large napkin for face and mouth hygiene.
  • Adjustable poppers for a snug fit around the neck.
  • Quick dry and fully machine washable for optimum cleanliness.
  • Available in a range of sizes and colour options to fit personal taste.

Sizes :

Adult Bib With Full Width Waterproof
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