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Women's Cape Fleece (4170)

Women's Cape Fleece (4170)

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Introducing Women's Cape Fleece, designed for both style and practicality.

Product Description:

This Cape Fleece features one-length size up to the knee, with a shawl collar and no sleeves. It's available in summer or winter versions, depending on your needs.

The summer version has one layer of fleece, while the winter version has two layers of fleece, ensuring that you stay warm and cozy even in the coldest weather. The cape fleece is made from top-quality materials, ensuring that it's both durable and comfortable to wear.

It's suitable for people who suffer from restricted arm movement or contractures, as well as those who must remain seated or use a wheelchair. It's easy and quick to put over the head, providing greater convenience for the wearer.

At our company, we believe that everyone should have access to clothing that meets their needs, without sacrificing style or comfort.

This cape fleece is just one example of the innovative products we offer, designed to make life easier for those with restricted arm movement, contractures, or who must remain seated.


  • Ladies Cape Fleece
  • Designed for wheelchair users
  • Available in summer or winter versions
  • Easy to put over the head
  • Features shawl collar and no sleeves
  • One size fits all
  • Keeps you warm and snug when sitting for long periods of time
  • High quality 100% Polyester fabric
  • Wash at 40 degrees, do not bleach, dry at a low setting, and iron at a low setting

Who is it for: Women 

Needs: Disability Clothing, Assisted Dressing, Assisted Living, Adaptive, Disabled, Elderly, Older Person, Paralysis, Nursing Home, Care Home, Young Adult, Wheel Chair Users, Stroke, Restrictive Conditions, Limb injuries, Differently Abled, Easy Dressing.

Assistance Needed: Suitable for both self-dressing and assisted dressing. 

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