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Bed Pads- Disposable- A014

Bed Pads- Disposable- A014

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Bed Pads- Disposable- A014

Abri-Soft Disposable Sheets are suitable for non-sterile procedures such as blood test sampling or wound dressings, maintain high levels of hygiene and prevent bacteria growth.

  • Ideal for incontinence patients to prevent skin problems.
  • Highly absorbent fluff core with rapid liquid absorption.
  • Made up of a waterproof polyethylene layer (Waterproof PE back) combined with sealed edges to ensure leakage control.

Areas of use

Extra protection for incontinence
Abri-Soft underpads are classically known for their use as extra protection for incontinence. Choose a product that is soft and flexible and fits the size of the area you need to protect – whether it is a chair, a bed, a couch or anywhere else. Consider how much urine needs to be absorbed. Often an underpad with low absorbency is sufficient.

Birth: Labor and delivery
Depending on the phase of labor, your need for absorbency and product size may vary. We recommend high absorbency levels since the amount of liquid during birth can be unpredictable. This is why these are well-suited for labor and delivery situations.

Depending on the type of surgery, your need for absorbency and product size may vary. 

Wound care
The hygienic choice is to always use an underpad during wound care procedures. Whether caring for a wound or cleaning the wounded skin, underpads are the hygienic choice as an extra layer of protection to avoid cross-contamination, as well as to avoid staining clothes or furniture.

For wound care, choose a product from any Abri-Soft range according to the needed size and absorbency level.

Bed bathing and hygiene procedures
Protect bed, linen and clothes during bed bathing or other hygiene procedures.

General health care – examination and clinic
For your clinic, use Abri-Soft underpads as an extra layer of protection to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of infections.

Blood tests
As an extra layer of protection to prevent the spread of infections and protect furniture and clothing when drawing blood.

    Level of Incontinence -

    Droplets Incontinence Level
    1-3 Drops Light Incontinence
    4-5 Drops Moderate Incontinence
    6-8 Drops Heavy Incontinence
    9 Drops Very Heavy Incontinence
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