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Anti-Slip Incontinence Seat Pad - M013

Anti-Slip Incontinence Seat Pad - M013

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At Medoris Care, we know that some people can feel self-conscious about their continence care. This is especially true when it comes to managing the uncomfortable moments that it can cause.

That's why, we offer a wide range of continence and bed protection products that help retain dignity, in the most discreet way possible. Take a look at our highly effective, Anti-Slip Incontinence Seat Pad.

Product Description:


Unlike some seat pads, ours offers four layers of protection.

Firstly, the soft cushion top layer ensures that the user remains comfortable. A huge plus for the who stay seated for long periods of time.

Secondly, the middle layer is highly absorbent which provides excellent fluid retention. This also helps reduce any unpleasant odours and avoids possible infection that may occur from prolonged sitting on a wet surface.

Thirdly, it has a waterproof under-layer, which not only gives greater peace of mind, but it also gives complete confidence that the seat will remain protected.

Lastly, the bottom layer is non-slip, so it holds the user securely in a seated position and prevents them from sliding down. The grippy anti-slip backing is suitable for all types of chairs and can be taken on car journeys for accidents that may occur on the way.

Easy Care

It can withstand high temperature washing and tumble drying. The clever material composition makes it consistently comfortable to sit on.

What's more, it's been designed to last, so it can be used continually, cutting down on upholstery cleaning, and giving more time for other areas of care. We hope that our multilayered, Anti-Slip Seat Pad helps boost everyday dignity and discretion.


  • Washable anti-slip seat pad with four layers of protection.
  • Soft cushion top layer for comfort.
  • Absorbent middle layer for absorbing liquid, preventing infection and reducing odour.
  • Waterproof under-layer for complete confidence.
  • Anti-slip bottom layer to stop sliding.
  • Measures 45 cm x 45 cm.
  • Stylish design for discretion.
  • Can be washed at high temperatures and tumbled dried.
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