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Eating and Drinking Aids: Anti-Slip Placemat - M018

Eating and Drinking Aids: Anti-Slip Placemat - M018

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At Medoris Care, we know how important it is for some to stay as independent as possible. That's why, we offer a wide range of practical eating and drinking aids that help them to retain their dignity, but in the safest possible way.

Take our Anti-Slip Placemat. A simple, but useful mobility aid that keeps tableware, cups, glasses and cutlery in place. Perfect for dining tables, side tables, overbed tables for those who may be bed-bound , as well as for trays and kitchen surfaces.

Product Description:

Clever design

Unlike some placemats, ours has two non-slip surfaces - one on either side - further reducing the possibility of accidents, spillages and food mess.

Double safety

The under side holds it firmly to the surface it's placed on, while the top side grips to whatever's put on it, holding it secure. It's vital to stop things sliding around, especially when the contents are hot, as this can dramatically help reduce the chances of scalds or burns.

Particularly important for those with reduced mobility, weakened muscles or grip or for those who may need to dine using only one hand.

What's more, it's lightweight and flexible, so it can helps in a range of tasks in the kitchen and around the home. For example, those with hand tremors may use it to keep chopping boards, mixing bowls or items of food in place as they prepare meals.

Whatever the circumstance, we hope that our simple, multifunctional, anti-slip placemat helps make day-to-day living easier, while giving greater independence and self-confidence.


  • Lightweight, anti-slip placemat for confident eating and drinking.
  • Stylish design for discretion.
  • Non-slip on both sides for double safety.
  • Flexible and hard-wearing for everyday use. 
  • Easy wash and quick dry for maximum hygiene. 
  • Also suitable for tasks in the kitchen and around the home.
  • Ideal size - 22 cm x 30 cm.
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