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Abena Pull - Up Incontinence Pants A003 | Multi pack

Abena Pull - Up Incontinence Pants A003 | Multi pack

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Pull-Up Disposable Incontinence Pants

Product Description: 

Pull-UP Incontinence pants and pull-up incontinence briefs make managing moderate to severe incontinence much easier.

They are straightforward to fit and remove. They are also comfortable, and secure and provide an effortless way to manage incontinence.

You can pull up incontinence pants just like ordinary underwear, but they work better if they are held in place by stretch briefs.


    • Discreet, modern pull-ups
    • Secure fit for active users due to numerous lycra threads
    • Super Soft non-woven material ensures optimum comfort and the feeling of wearing normal underwear.
    • Efficient, thin 3D Dual Core for optimal protection and dryness. Full absorption precisely where needed.
    • Unique Top Dry System, providing a dry surface and rapid absorption. 

      Hip size(cm) & unit per pack guide:
       Hip size(cm)  45x 70 55 x 80 60 x 90 80 x 110 100 x 140 130 x 170
      Unit per pack 24 18 16 15 15 16


      Level of Incontinence -

  • Droplets Incontinence Level
    1-3 Drops Light Incontinence
    4-5 Drops Moderate Incontinence
    6-8 Drops Heavy Incontinence
    9 Drops Very Heavy Incontinence
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