Blog 6- Valentine’s Day Gifts For Seniors- Giving care by Medoris Care.. because we care.

Blog 6- Valentine’s Day Gifts For Seniors- Giving care by Medoris Care.. because we care.

Do you need some ideas for the ideal Valentine's Day presents for the senior in your life?

Valentine's Day is a celebration for all people, not just couples.
Valentine's Day is unquestionably a day to spend some time cherishing the people we care about. Check out some of our distinctive and practical Valentine's Day gifts for seniors if you have a special senior on your love list this year. In order for you to find the ideal solution for the senior you care about, we made an effort to combine a variety of concepts.

Gift yourself with simpler clothing.
Standard clothing may not be the best choice for seniors because it has buckles, buttons, and awkward adjustments that make dressing and undressing a challenging and time-consuming task for our loved ones who have difficulty manipulating closures like buttons and zippers or lack the full range of motion needed for self-dressing.

Regardless of age, ability, or lifestyle, adaptive clothing makes dressing easier and helps with daily tasks. With an emphasis on long-lasting quality, simplicity, and utility, they are specially made to resemble fashionable standard apparel and make dressing easy for both the individual and caretaker.

Added features include:

Open Back
Warm jacket/ cardigan /wrap
All-in-one dignity suits
Velcro replacing buttons and zips. etc

You can find a gift for a loved one at Medoris Care from a large selection of adaptable clothes for men and women in various sizes. These include adaptable nightwear, all-in-one ensembles for dementia sufferers, adaptable pants, continence aids (reusable underwear for incontinence), tops, cardigans, dresses, and polo t-shirts.

The gift of Comfortable
Alzheimer's, dementia, or autism spectrum disorders can cause people to fidget by pulling at their garments, rubbing their hands together, or twisting their fingers. It could be an indication of distress, agitation, or anxiety for persons who have these disorders.

The Fidget Blanket is a lap-sized fidget activity blanket that gives fidgety hands sensory stimulation.
fidgets for demnentia

Bedding & Incontinence Gift
Products like "mattress protectors" or "bedding pads" are excellent for controlling incontinence, potty training, and excessive sweating. It's crucial to manage these circumstances for the user's personal hygiene, comfort, and dignity.

bed protector or mattress protection

Also, medoris care has stocked various type of Abena products which includes Abena Belted, Abena All in one, Abena Light shaped Pad, Ladies washable incontinence brief etc.

incontinence pad for elderly

The gift of security
Anti-Slip mats are made for safety, risk reduction, and risk management in homes, hospitals, and senior living institutions.

anti slip mat


Give a gift card
Because they are unsure of whether their loved ones will enjoy the gift they choose, many people struggle to find the ideal present. With gift cards, the recipient has a lot of leeways to buy whatever they need.

Gift card from Medoris Care are the ideal method to provide comfort to senior family members who are looking for clothing that is easy to put on.

Do not forget that we can deliver gift-wrapped items to either you or the intended recipient.

Please remember to write a unique gift message for each present you are ordering if you are ordering several gift-wrapped products.


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