What is Microbead and what are advantages of microbead?


Our cushions are filled with high-quality, polystyrene microbeads.  They shift and redistribute within the pillow casing as fine as sand, allowing them to contour individual physiology comfortably. This helps create the ideal postural support system while relieving pressure on areas with the risk of bedsores. 

The advantages of ultra-light microbeads:

         • Adapt to all positions.
         • Offer rapid and easy positioning.
         • Give support and comfort to the patient. 
         • Allow for regular changing of position, avoiding pressure build-up.
         • Help prevent restricted blood flow from the skin being squashed between bone and a hard surface.
         • Reduce friction and shearing.
         • Hypoallergenic.
         • Breathable.

 At a maximum volume, every bead has 12 contact points with its neighbouring beads. These 12 contact points pass on the energy multi-dimensionally to the next 12 beads. The weakened energy is then passed on again via another 12 contact points.
The process continues and the structure multiplies, as hundreds of microbeads, with thousands of contact points, pass on the weakened energy. 
Part of the energy is transformed into thermal energy by the associated friction
The impact energy is reduced and distributed throughout the large area. Contrary to traditional foam materials, the microbead system only requires a little space.