loyalty program

How do I make Loyalty points?

You will be awarded a gift of 10 Medoris Loyalty Points with a value of £10.00 if you sign up an account on our website www.medoriscare.com . It’s very simple and straightforward.

Just click on “REWARDS” tab in right bottom corner – “Create a store account” – and start collecting points. You will see the list of all discounts you can redeem your points for and greatly boost your savings.

When you sign up, you will automatically become registered into our loyalty program and you can accumulate 10% of the value of all your future purchases.

loyalty program

How do I redeem my points?

Each time you purchase products from us, you will accumulate 1 loyalty point WORTH £1.00 for every £10 that you spent. This is equivalent to 10% discount which can be used on future purchases. When you are at checkout, you say how many points that you wish to redeem and the website will give you a discount code to use for that purchase.

To redeem your points – simply click on "Your Balance" and use the scale to select how many points you want to redeem – The chosen amount will then get locked in the code (points redemption) which you copy and paste at checkout into (gift card or discount code) section.

If you have any queries please contact us.
Happy Shopping 😊

The Medoris Team